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Gold and silver particles of excellent quality

Do you require gold nanoparticles, otherwise known as gold sols, or immunogold silver staining solutions? Trust in the experts from Aurion to provide you with these products. This company is from the town of Wageningen, the Netherlands, and they are the leading-edge developers of the best gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining solutions in the business. If you require enhanced efficiency, reduced light sensitivity and ease of handling, you will find all these qualities in the products by Aurion. The silver enhancement reagents, for instance, can easily be delivered from Aurion’s stock withing three working days. All you need to do is order your immunodetection methods from the website by these Dutch experts and they will come your way.

The best silver reagents you could possibly imagine

If you are looking for efficiency and homogeneity, the R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement reagents by Aurion should be your go-to product. This has reduced light sensitivity, which means that there are no special precautions needed to work with this product. This makes the immunogold silver staining excellent for pre-embedding because of its low viscosity. Do you often work with common counterstaining techniques such as H&E or the nuclear fast red method? Then the R-Gent SE-LM Silver Enhancement kit is an excellent option for your immunogold staining choices.

The best gold solutions in the field

The gold nanoparticles, or gold sols, by Aurion are all carboxyl functionalized. The polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized gold sols can be ordered in a variety of particle sizes. These sizes are 6, 10, 15 and 25nm. Recently, two new sizes have been introduced. These are 20 and 40nm. This way, you can always rely on the products by these Dutch experts for your scientific ventures. They have all been prepared wit the in-house developed production protocols, which guarantees their high quality. The narrow size distribution and long term stability of the gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining are another benefit.