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The Bridge Personality: All You Need to Know About the Personality Test

What is The Bridge Personality Test?

The Bridge Personality is a credible and effective personality test that helps you understand the personalities and skills of your workers and applicants. This test is designed primarily for use in the workplace. This intelligent test guarantees that the candidate is constantly asked questions that are personally relevant to them. The Bridge Personality employs algorithms that adapt the test questions if the individual attempts to steer or finish the test socially.


The Bridge Personality has been the most widely used personality test for recruiting and coaching. The evaluation method is designed so that new skills may be added to the Bridge Personality customized reports.

  • It can be utilized for employee recruiting and development.

  • There is no requirement for mandatory training.

  • Using the well-known 4-Colour Model, the 16 Jung Types, and the Big Five.

  • There are 20 languages offered, including English, Dutch, French, Spanish, ad French

  • It can also be utilized in conjunction with the Bridge Personality team report for teams.

  • Can be used in conjunction with a customized Bridge Personality report: Choose the desired competencies for yourself.

  • Determines whether your candidate was truthful when taking the test.

  • In Europe, this is the most extensively used personality test.

Bridge Personality Reports

There are six separate reports accessible for recruiting, coaching, marketing, and teams for The Bridge Personality. Custom reports for the Bridge Personality are also available. You may select which competencies to include in The Bridge Personality custom report.

  1. The Bridge Personality Usage for Teams

The Bridge Personality: Team Report

The Bridge Personality Team Report assists teams in working more successfully together. Improve your communicating, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. The report gives a comprehensive evaluation of a team’s strengths. It provides helpful information for managers, such as clear responses to queries such as, “How does this team look?” What is the most excellent way for this team to work together? What can the team do to improve? Our collaboration solutions will be customized to assist you in addressing your most pressing team difficulties on two fronts: preference (how teams like to collaborate) and capability (how efficiently they will work).

The Bridge Personality Team Report examines the preferences of the team. The way a team is working together – and how this corresponds with how each member likes to work – has a significant impact on its productivity. We examine how groups interact, prioritize, what drives them, and what hinders their effectiveness, among other things. High-performing teams are a must-have for any successful firm. Teams may learn from their mistakes and plan by engaging in talks that enhance their performance today.

The Bridge Personality Team Report examines capacity, or how productive a team is in various aspects. This will serve as the foundation for a plan of action, which we will assist the team in developing and implementing. We’ll also follow up with the team regularly to keep them on track and driven to make a change. Successful teams are the driving force behind great enterprises. So, if your engine isn’t running correctly, you need to open the hood, take a thorough understanding of what’s happening, and figure out what you can do to rectify the issue. That’s what our Bridge Personality offerings accomplish; they’re diagnostic, yes, but they’re also profoundly revealing, practical, and long-term tools which will help your teams collaborate for future success.

What To Expect from The Team Report?

The Bridge Personality Team Report is customized for you and your team, with input from all team members.

  • Based on the four known colors and the 16 Jung Types

  • It is available in both English and Dutch.

  • Perfect for use in group sessions.

  • Concrete suggestions for enhancing problem-solving, interaction, and conflict resolution.

  • Exercises and practical advice.

  • It is easy to see where a team’s potential and possibilities are briefly.

  • Very simple to use (online).

How it Works

  • Utilizing the bridge personality color and team reports, you will have everything prepared for your team session.

  • Simple order team report by getting in touch with our client support team

  • Every member of the team fills out the Bridge Personality.

  • Each member of the team receives a report.

  • The report is generated automatically.

  • If requested, you can review the reports over the phone with a Test Group professional.

  • You’re all set for your team meeting!

Bridge Personality reports

Every member of the team will receive a Bridge Personality Color report. The participants during the team session must complete this report. In addition, you will receive a Bridge Personality team report for the whole team. Is your team’s primary language English? No worries, the reports are also available in English.

  1. The Bridge Personality Usage for Teams Workshop

The Bridge Personality: Team Workshop

What do you hope to accomplish with your team? What are the team’s objectives? Where could your team improve, and where might it use some extra motivation? The Bridge Personality Team Workshop helps teams work better. We may either organize this session for you or provide you with the resources to manage the team workshop independently. We use the Bridge Personality Team report throughout the workshop. This tool facilitates more effective teamwork. Excellent cooperation should be expected in perhaps the most successful businesses, but it is essential at critical points in a team’s life cycle.

Whatever group you collaborate with, the Bridge Personality team report helps employees work better together, increasing the organization’s performance. The Bridge Personality presents a unique perspective on what motivates individuals. The team report enables you to quickly examine your team and enhance team performance through activities and guidance. Organizations are reinventing themself to establish an agile and dynamic structure of groups to stay up with a quickly changing environment. That is why every organization prioritizes the development of productive teams. Taken together, these parts of our portfolio can assist a team in breaking through a barrier that is impeding its capacity to become a robust and effective team.


  • Duration: one day or half a day.

  • For whom: groups.

  • Because this is in-house training, you may select your day and place.

  • Maximum group size: 10 – 12 people.

  • Includes: a customized Bridge Personality Color report for each participant.

  • Includes a report made for the team by the Bridge Personality team.

  • Based on four personality colors and 16 Jung Types.


The Bridge Personality team session works by expanding your understanding of your own and your colleagues’ behavior. This makes the communication and behavioral patterns evident, preventing disputes, allowing for more pleasant working conditions, and assisting the team in achieving a better outcome. Each team member gets the Bridge Personality team report and their Bridge Personality Color report after a session.

  • You get familiar with your suitable working styles as well as those of your team members.

  • Improved Team communication 

  • Learn how to make the most of our team’s uniqueness.

  • Add to the personal growth of your team members.

  • Recognizing and valuing team members’ individuality improves collaboration.

  • Creating a comfortable working atmosphere in which team members’ abilities may be fully used.

Who Is It For?

The Bridge Personality team session is appropriate for groups. In terms of the size, consider a minimum of three persons and a maximum of twelve. We can also train you to offer this workshop yourself; don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in this option.


Each team member will receive a Bridge Personality Color report. The participants in the team session must complete this report. In addition, you will receive a Bridge Personality team analysis for the whole team. If English is the predominant language being spoken by your staff, our reports are also available in that language.

How to Place an Order

  • On our order page, you can place an order for a Bridge Personality Test for a candidate or employee.

  • Rates begin at € 45 per test.

  • Within one hour, your employee or applicant will have access to The Bridge Personality.

  • The report is immediately available after finishing.

  • A test group specialist may walk you through the report for free.

  • Looking to use at high volume? Create your account using our online testing platform.

Conclusion: Why the Bridge Personality?

A professional personality test can help you shape a successful career. The Bridge Personality is perhaps the most widely used personality exam for employee selection and development. Because The Bridge Personality employs algorithms to determine if the test taker was truthful during its administration, you will always receive a trustworthy and valid image of your applicant or employee. Each of these programs has its own set of reports.

Do you want to find the best personality test available? A personality test that prohibits your prospects from lying about their answers. A personality questionnaire that can be utilized for recruiting, coaching, and sales performance improvement? Welcome to Bridge Personality, a world-class personality assessment that assists firms in recruiting, selecting, and developing the most refined individuals.