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The Ups and Downs of Great Companies

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How do companies succeed and become stars that everyone looks up to and wants to repeat? In fact, there is simply no single recipe for everyone. The triumph of the company, the opportunity to climb to the top, is a combination of right and wrong decisions, where the right ones outweigh. In addition, do not forget about the notorious “survivor’s mistake”, when one successful company accounts for thousands of exactly the same, but significantly less successful. And we know little about them.

Today we want to recommend three books that will tell you the stories of the celestial companies that conquered Olympus. They went through all the circles of hell, took risks and, as a result, ascended to the very top. Not everyone managed to stay on the top for a long time, but still … Let’s go!

“Spent. The Infinite GTA Story »David Kushner

If you are a fan of the game, then this book is for you. If you want to know the strategies that led Rockstar to success, you may be disappointed. By all business indicators, the company should have gone bankrupt long ago. Nobody that no one would even remember in a couple of years. But still … the guys somehow conquered the world. Created a work of art on the edge. They hit such a jackpot, which many still have only to dream of. How did they do it? Read the book to see if you can uncover the secret to the daring success of the GTA line and Rockstar.

Working through the jungle of business terminology and an endless number of actors, this book will reveal to you the wonderful story of the rise and fall of the legendary Finnish company Nokia. Having passed the way from a large logging company to a high-tech manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, the management calculated every step with Finnish pedantry. However, something went wrong … Perhaps Nokia is still able to surprise us with something, to conquer the market with a new product. We believe and hope!

McDonald’s. Between hate and hype “Bob Langert

This is the success story of the legendary fast food company, told by the ex-CEO. After reading the book, you will learn how to ensure sustainable development of your business; how to turn hate into loyalty and constantly increase sales.

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