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Transporting heavy goods

If you look at the transport sector, all goods are transported via pallets. The most common pallet for transporting heavy goods is the Europallet. There are, however, a number of things to keep in mind when transporting goods on pallets. For instance, truck drivers may refuse to transport pallets if they are not properly sealed. Some tips, Goods Lift, for transporting heavy goods.

Choose Europallets if you want to transport heavy goods

Europallets are the most widely used pallets when transporting goods. This is mainly because Europallets are made of strong, powerful and stable wood. As a result they can be used over and over again. In addition, these pallets have a standardised size of 120 x 80 x 15 centimetres. Sometimes it is also good to choose one-way pallets. These pallets are used only once and can consist of wood, corrugated cardboard or plastic. One-way pallets do not have standardised dimensions, but are different.

Ensure correct labelling

Proper labelling is required for each type of transport. The labels must contain address information and, where necessary, instructions for actions to be taken when the goods are shipped. It is also important to remove old labels when labelling. If you want to be sure that the label will stick to the load, stick the label on one of the boxes.

Do not let things stick out on pallets

If objects stick out sideways from a load, they can very easily be damaged. It is important for companies that the goods on the pallet are in line. If anything protrudes from the pallet, the truck driver may refuse the shipment. He or she can do this to prevent potential recourse claims against the forwarder. Therefore, always make sure beforehand that your goods are neatly placed on the pallet and that nothing sticks out.

Stack the heavy goods properly

If heavy goods are sent in boxes, they should be properly stacked on top of each other. You do that in the form of columns. It is also important that the weight is distributed correctly across the pallet.

Choosing the right pallet

An open door, but choose the right pallet for transporting your heavy goods. Smaller pallets are certainly cheaper, but if you save on them, this can cost you a lot. By saving on pallets, you risk not only more damage, but also that the driver refuses the shipment. In addition, make sure that the shipment is in good condition.