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The advantages of working with local accountants firms

Doing business in other countries can have a lot of benefits for a company. You can think of financial benefits, economic benefits but also about adapting to new markets. Where the company can benefit from. If you are thinking about expanding your business to the Dutch market, we advise you to work together with an accountant firm in Amsterdam. In this article, we would like to explain the advantages of working with local accountants. And for example, we will use the Dutch market. 

  1. They know the rules and laws

The major advantage of partner up with a local firm is that they know the rules and the laws. Often laws and regulations are the most important but also the most complicated part when it comes to expand the business. You have to know if your business can even operate in the country or if you need to have certificates. And also what kind of certificates for example. You can look all these things up on the internet and probably will find many websites with different information. So how do you know exactly what you need to have and to do? You can take the risk and believe the websites that you found or you can contact an audit firm in Amsterdam that will help you. 


They can help you with knowing and understanding the regulations and laws of the country. Or they will do the most work for you so that it won’t cost a lot of time to learn the regulations. However we always recommend you to know a couple of regulations and laws so you won’t be a total noob and believe everything the company tells you. 


  1. They know the ins and outs 

An other advantage of working together with locals is that they know the ins and outs. They are specialized in working with international companies that want to adapt and expand to other countries. They know exactly what your company needs. Maybe they know people who can help you find customers or employees. Or they can give you advice about trends that are totally hot in the country but you never heard of it. And of course they know the competition in the market and maybe can tell you what you need to do different to achieve success. 


  1. They can give you advice about the country

Before you decide to which country you like to expand your business, it is of course important to do field research. What is the economic status of the country? How is the GDP? Who is your target market? Is it easy to expand to this country? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to know the exact answers without going to the country. And for that reason it is also good to partner up with a local firm. They can help you answer the questions and check if it actually works for your company to expand to the country you have in mind.