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Find a dream home together with Real Estate Aruba!


Are you looking for a home in Aruba? Do you have no idea where to look and would you like some help with this? Of course there are real estate agencies that can help you find your dream home. Whether it concerns a rental home or a home for sale, Real Estate Aruba is ready for you! 

Can you buy a house in Aruba as a US Citizen?

As an American citizen you can certainly buy a house in Aruba. They really want more foreign buyers. This is good for the island because somehow they also know that Americans make good money. Aruba is a small island and runs on tourists or visitors who temporarily live in Aruba. When someone wants to buy a house and want to emigrate to Aruba, that is only good for the island. Real Estate Aruba is happy to help you find a home. 

How much does a house in Aruba cost? 

There are plenty of choices in houses in Aruba, there are a lot of them for sale and the location where the houses are for sale also varies. You can choose to buy a house on the beach or with a view of the beach. There are also plenty of houses within the country that are in an attractive location. Locations such as Oranjestad or Palm Beach are very willing. They are two well-known places on Aruba where many tourists come. You can buy a house in Aruba for a minimum of $ 200,000 and can go up to 2.5 million. Prices vary greatly depending on the location and the house itself. 

Are the tax costs high in Aruba? 

Tax costs are quite low in Aruba at the moment. The first $34,000 is tax-free, after that it’s 0.4%. $4 on $1000 value.