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Research on nanoparticles and powders

Research on nanoparticles and powders

Do you work with very small particles and powders on a daily basis for the development of industrial products? Then you may occasionally run into a challenge. The application of particles to products is a very delicate matter, which can get you stuck. In that case, Solids Solutions would like to help you investigate what goes wrong. Based on this, we can advise you on the correct application of particles in your product(s). Solids Solutions is located in Delft and focuses on particle and powder technology. In our laboratory all instruments are present to do accurate research in this field.

Particle size determination of powders

Solids Solutions is engaged in research on (nano)particles and powders. To determine the size of powder particles, we use, among other things, dynamic light scattering, also known as laser diffraction. In this method, the powder is scattered in a medium and illuminated with a laser beam. This makes the powder particles highly visible and a certain scattering pattern can be observed. This pattern is caused by properties of the particles such as size, shape and surface roughness. This gives us exactly the information we need about these particle properties.

Sedimentation method for nanoparticles

To calculate the size of nanoparticles, we use other techniques. One of these is the sedimentation method. In the case of sedimentation nanoparticles are added to a liquid, so that the speed at which the particles sink to the bottom can be examined. Based on this, the size of the particles can be determined. To make this investigation less time-consuming, X-rays are used so that the settling of the particles can be determined at certain time intervals. Want to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us and present your problem so we can discuss the possibilities.