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5 Reasons why you should go to Valencia and hire a car

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain. Valencia is a 2000-year-old city, one of the oldest in Spain, and there are beautiful ancient and contemporary buildings throughout the city that add a certain charm to the town.

A point to note is that Valencia is famous for having a thriving car rental industry. This is because choosing to rent a car is the easiest and fastest way to explore Valencia and any other nearby towns. Before deciding on a wide range of rental cars, you can make a car rental comparison so that you can get a cheap car hire for the duration of your stay. More info on renting a car at the airport here: https://www.autospain.co.uk/en-valencia-airport/. The good thing is that you can compare car rentals from the comfort of your hotel and many hotels offer their car hire service. You can also pick up the car at the airport on arrival.

Now that you are all set to explore Valencia let us look at the top five reasons you should visit Valencia.

1. Beautiful beaches

You may not think of Valencia as a beach destination since most travel brochures highlight the city’s historical importance. However, Valencia has some terrific beaches for those who are looking for a traditional beach vacation.

You can take your rental car to the beaches at Arenas, which has seven kilometers of cabanas, loungers, sun shades, all backed up with a lively prom with restaurants and shops. Drive north in your cheap car hire, and you will find yourself at La Malvarorrsa Beach. Due to its sheer size and fine golden sand, this beach is one of Valencia’s most popular beaches.

2. Stunning old town

Valencia’s Old Town is a must-see for everyone who comes to Spain. The older part of the city is packed with street art, ancient architecture, and many contemporary cafes. The Old Town is also home to many famous tourist attractions like the Cathedral, La Lonja de la Seda, and many others. You should make the most of your day by parking your rental car at one place and wandering around the town’s maze-like cobbled alleys and backstreets.

3. Unbelievable weather

Valencia’s weather is truly amazing as it gets over 300 days of sunshine in a year. It has a mild winter with very little rain. This is the perfect sunny Spanish holiday destination of our dreams.

4. Wild festivals

Most tourists to Valencia prefer coming here in March to witness the main festival, Las Fallas, when the city gets transformed into one big party zone for all of two weeks. Outdoor art gallery, firework display, and a carnival atmosphere greet you to Valencia during this festival. Many other crazy festivals are celebrated in Valencia, and you should read up about them before planning your trip so that your visit can coincide with these fantastic events.

5. Stunning architecture

Valencia is a treasure trove for those who love to admire the old and new architecture. The city has the remains of its Roman foundations, and its Moorish history is there at every nook and corner for people to explore. The Old Town has some incredible examples of architecture, including Valencian gothic and art deco. You will get to witness many buildings that are finished off with the city’s signature colored ceramic tiles.

Valencia has everything you could want from a holiday destination. So hire a car today and set off on an incredible journey of a lifetime.