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The Best Water Purifiers in 2023

Have you been feeling unwell lately? It could be due to the water you are drinking. It is said that contaminations in water could be a silent killer, and we couldn’t agree more. Many people across the globe are drinking impure water, which is not only bad for their health but could also be the reason for many water-borne diseases. The solution is simple – you need to invest in a water purifier. In this blog, we will take you through the water purifiers assessed in 2023.

1. Aquaguard

Aquaguard has always been on the top of the purifier list. In 2023, it is still a popular option among users. The Aquaguard Green RO is a delight to have with its futuristic design, and it offers a range of features like UV disinfection, RO purification, and storage up to 6 liters. It comes with a smart LED indicator to inform you about the unit’s status.

2. Kent

Kent is known for its strong build, sturdy design, and efficient performance. The Kent Supreme Extra has a double purification system, i.e., RO and UV, making it one of the most trusted purifiers in the market. It comes with a storage capacity of 8 liters and a touch-screen display to keep you updated with the purifier’s status.

3. HUL Pureit

The HUL Pureit is gaining popularity day by day. The HUL Pureit Copper+ RO provides 100% safe and healthy water, and we love the fact that it has a copper charge technology to deliver purified water with a perfect copper charge. It has a storage capacity of 8 liters.

4. Blue Star

Blue Star has launched the Majesto MA3BSAM01, which is a complete package. The model comes with a robust body and an impressive look that adds elegance to your kitchen. The 7-stage purification system ensures that the water is 100% pure and comes with a purification capacity of 285 liters per day. The storage capacity is up to 8 liters.

5. LG

The LG WW140NP RO water purifier is an aesthetically pleasing and efficient choice. It has a five-stage RO filtration system and a 5-step purification process that removes almost all types of harmful pollutants available in water, making it 100% safe to consume. It comes with a storage capacity of 8 liters.