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Heated Jacket

People who go on winter sports know better than anyone else that the weather can be unpredictable. One minute the sun is shining bright on your face, and you would prefer to slide down the mountains in your T-shirt, an hour later the weather has turned so that you want to ski with a thick warm jacket and jumper. Unfortunately, it is difficult to always be properly dressed for this. You cannot actually go out without a thick coat because otherwise you can get very cold. Fortunately, these days there is a solution to this that ensures you are comfortable on the slopes at all times.

The heated jacket is an ideal solution for this. This comfortably thin softshell jacket is ideal for those looking for quick warmth when needed, but if the weather permits, the jacket can also be used without extra warmth. Because the heated jacket is not that thick, it is very flexible and comfortable to wear when you are skiing. The jacket is wind and waterproof so should you happen to accidentally tumble into the snow, you will not immediately be stuck with wet clothes. On a beautiful sunny winter day, you probably won’t need extra warmth and can wear the heated jacket without turning it on. When the weather becomes a little chilly, you can turn on the heat with a simple press of a button, making the heated jacket feel more like a thick winter coat.

The heated jacket has ten heating elements that allow you to create a pleasant temperature all over the upper body. As the jacket can be set in several positions, and the heating elements can be operated in pairs of five, you can always make sure it is nice and warm. Powerful powerbanks ensure that the jacket is powered. If the powerbank is empty, you simply connect another powerbank so you can continue heating. The heated jacket is available in a men’s model and a women’s model. The ladies’ model is a bit more fitted, making it look fashionable as well. 

If, even with the heated jacket on, you are still cold on the slopes, there are more options to keep your body warm. The specialists at www.bertschat.co.uk can advise you on all the options available. 

The BERTSCHAT® brand, for example, offers heated underwear that you can wear as a first layer directly on the skin. If you wear a jumper and the heated jacket over that, you can cope with even colder situations. To top it all off, there are heated socks and gloves. If you wear the complete set, you can even visit the North Pole without even thinking about the cold. It starts with wearing the heated jacket; if you start with this, nothing will stand in the way of a comfortable winter sports holiday.