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Criteo: How Much Personalized Retargeting is Too Much?

Online, only 2 or 3 percent of visitors make a purchase. This is due to an effective strategy by advertisers of retargeting. When a user visits a website, they would see a banner or ad featuring the product they have previously searched for. For example, if a person has been looking at earrings, they might see a banner for earrings while browsing a different site.

Criteo ads are transforming the way people shop by using their sophisticated, dynamic retargeting capabilities. Static retargeting used to be the status quo, but Criteo has evolved past that. When people visit a popular site, real-time bidding occurs to decide which advertising company can present an ad.

One of the most important aspects of user tracking is that it provides data on their habits. Sites can establish and update user profiles with the information they gather. On top of that, they can connect this data with products to learn more about them. They’ve also created an IT infrastructure that they use to profit from their big database and improve their algorithm. They were able to test new machine-learning models and compare their performance without any significant errors in 2018. Criteo helps brands and retailers to increase their return on investment on advertising, by increasing the engagement of their online audience. They do this by offering a personalized experience for each and every customer. The company states that it can increase ROI by up to thirteen times on advertising for its customers.

Criteo started its services as a pay-per-click bidding platform, but now it has expanded. Online advertising is more complex than ever before, so Criteo has started using other pricing models, such as cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, and cost-per-view. Criteo has been trying to stay afloat as Google and Apple’s browsers reduce and block third-party advertising. This has caused Criteo’s shares to drop dramatically. So, instead of relying on cookies, Criteo has been branching out to use other advertising methods such as online video ads and mobile ads.

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